Ethnic Print Media Group to Conduct Second Audit of Hispanic Newspapers

Ethnic Print Media Group, the San Diego based Hispanic newspaper ad-sales representation firm, announced thesecond nationwide audit of more than 95 Hispanic newspapers. The 2006-2007initiative will analyze a broad range of Hispanic newspapers from those inthe top 10 DMAs to publications in the fastest growing Hispanic markets. Audit results will be completed by March 2007 with preliminary dataavailable in January.

Third party research studies, audits and accountability are the main efforts needed to increase Hispanic print media advertising according to media buyers. The audit goes beyond circulation values to provide in-depth, qualitativereadership data including demographic information, buying and spendinghabits, and lifestyle preferences.

"In an effort to continue the growth and success of Hispanic print media we
have made it our responsibility to improve the landscape for publishers,
advertising agencies and Fortune 500 clients. Our goal is to create avaluable tool that will make Hispanic newspapers a staple in the media mix,"said Trevor Hansen, senior vice president Ethnic Print Media Group. "For thesecond year in a row we are delighted to be collaborating with theCirculation Verification Council on this exciting venture."