Emerging Market Profile: Phoenix, AZ

Apart from being a focal point of the nation’s immigration debate, and also in part because of it, Phoenix is a burgeoning Hispanic market. The city’s Hispanic population is overwhelmingly Mexican—about 75%. Hispanic spending power in the city is about $15 billion, versus $24.9 billion statewide.

La Voz is Arizona’s premier Hispanic newspaper, publishing 60,000 Spanish-language copies on Wednesday, and another 60,000 on Saturday; Entertainment guide TV y Más has weekly circulation of 75,000, also 100% in Spanish. Fifty percent of the paper’s circulation is distributed via home-delivery and 50% is distributed via racks.

Despite the growing market for the product among the Latino population, things have not been so rosy in terms of advertising revenues. According to Publisher Elvira Espinoza, revenues actually declined in 2007: “Two big advertising categories declined nationwide: Real Estate and Autos. With the real estate fall and the immigration problems, I don't anticipate a change for 2008. To make it better, we are getting very creative to bring some of these advertisers back—and to grow our clientele base—offering them special sections or supplements in our products (La Voz Arizona and TV y Más magazine). We also offer our combo rates, selling one advertising contract for all our publications.

El Latino is a biweekly Spanish-language paper with a circulation of 30,000. The paper started just 6 years ago with an initial circulation of just 5,000. Publisher Tomas Bialet says that one distinguishing feature about Phoenix’s Hispanic population is the fact that so many—up to 60%—are first generation Mexican immigrants.

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