ELLE Argentina launches a new special issue, Decoration May. It will be available on April 31st. It will be included as an EXTRA ISSUE for readers, accompanying ELLE Argentina’s 17th Anniversary Edition, with a special print run of 60,000 copies and supported by an extensive promotional campaign.

ELLE Decoration will include trendy decoration styles, showcases with the work of the most advanced international designers and their innovative ideas in architecture, home fashions and the decorative arts, information on the top interior designers and architects, and offers a detailed shopping guide in each issue.

ELLE Argentina is a fashion and beauty magazine for Argentinean women. It is also one of the most read magazines by women in the ABC1 category, targeting the most influential consumer group and affluent women. Readership profile: 86% of women, 68% of less 35 years old.


Portada Staff

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