El Paso y Más Increases Frequency to Twice A Week.

November 13, 2006
El Paso y Más Increases Frequency to Twice A Week.

El Paso y Más, El Paso Times's Spanish-language publication increased its frequency to twice a week on Thursday October 20th. El Paso y Más (circ. 50,000, Spanish), is now published on Thursdays and Sundays.

Last year the El Paso Times (Media News Group, daily circ, 73,204) launched El Paso y Más together with two other weekly publications TV y Más (entertainment oriented, circ. 35,000) and Autos y Más (automotive, circ. 35,000).

El Paso y Más is trying to increase its exposure to national advertisers. Many Retailers including Home Depot and Dillards already advertise in its pages. The publication, now published twice a week, is free. Approximately 40,000 copies are home delivered and 10,000 are distributed in racks.

Competed Market

Competition in El Paso's Spanish language newspaper market has increased in recent years. On May 16, 2005, Editora Paso del Norte, Inc., launched El Diario de El Paso (circ. 24,000, price $0.25), El Paso's first daily Spanish-language newspaper. The newspaper launch was a brand extension from Editora Paso del Norte, Inc's Mexican newspaper, El Diario de Ciudad Juarez (circ. 70,000, daily). Editora Paso del Norte also publishes the weekly Looking at El Paso (free, English, circ. 25,000 of which 7,000 included in El Diario de El Paso.

74% of El Paso's population of 800,000 is Hispanic. Across the Rio Grande river, Ciudad Juarez has a population of 1.7 million.