El Observador Utah: “The Mormon Component will not be Part of our News Coverage”

Community Spanish-language newspapers can be a good business. At least that is what the leadership of the Utah Deseret Management Corp thinks. The publisher of the Salt Lake City daily Deseret News) recently launched Spanish –language newspaper El Observador (weekly, circ. 25,000).

An interview with Patricia Quijano Dark, editor of El Observador. Quijano Dark previously worked at Argentinean newspaper Clarin.

Portada: What news sources/wires will you be using?

Patricia Quijano Dark: “We will be using EFE, Graphic News, a number of columnists such as Oppenheimer and Navarette. We also have access to news stories and will jointly cover some areas with the Deseret News. We will also be using some AP material.”

How big is the in-house editorial team?

Patricia Quijano Dark: “We have 4 full time reporters, 1 full time photographer, 1 full time proof reader as well as myself as editor. Additionally, we also have a number of stringers and a translator on call.”

How big is the Hispanic community in Utah?

Patricia Quijano Dark: “The Hispanic community in Utah is about 20% of the total population. In the Salt Lake area, where the paper will be home delivered and distributed in Hispanic markets, Catholic churches and soccer games,  there are 328,371.”

Will the Mormon component be important in news coverage?

Patricia Quijano Dark: “No the Mormon component will not be part of our news coverage. El Observador is not a religious newspaper.”

How is your strategy in terms of reaching out to national advertisers?

Patricia Quijano Dark: “We believe we can capture the attention of national advertisers by the fact that we will be reaching over 50% of the Hispanic households in the Salt Lake Valley every week. No other Hispanic media can guarantee that. We will do this through home delivery to 10,000 Hispanic families 3 times a week as well as an additional 15,000 that will be delivered  hand to hand in key locations such as Hispanic Catholic churches, local soccer leagues and popular Hispanic stores.  If a national advertiser wants to reach the Hispanics in Utah we are the media to partner up with.”