Agencia Efe, the world's largest Spanish-language news agency, recently launched “Infografia Internacional en español,” a new service that conveys information through graphics. EFE News partner ILCiNK uses EFE News services and information to produce 12 daily graphics/illustrations on a wide variety of themes, including news, sports, health, entertainment and more. “‘Infografia Internacional' is the visual counterpart, along with our photo service, to EFE's text services, and supports our mission to describe, explain and inform on issues of prime importance to Hispanics,” explains Michael Malone, media specialist at Agencia Efe.

“We have promoted the service energetically for two months and a good number of existing clients have added it to their packages,” says Malone. “The attractiveness and value of the new product has also drawn in new clients.” Malone says showcasing their new graphic service at a number of high-profile events has been particularly effective in getting new and existing clients excited about the service.

…and improved photo archives.

EFE News relaunched its “Fototeca” photo archives. The new platform is more user-friendly and universally compatible. The “Fototeca” complements the existing daily photo service and benefits photo editors looking to locate specific photographs from a decade ago or last month. Additionally, EFE News is field-testing its “Agenda Mundial” service, which informs clients – including media, governments, and businesses – of upcoming events and potential news and information developments, enabling them to better plan their editorial calendars and coverage. Filters and search engines allow clients to specify their interests.


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