For nearly ten years, DTM (Defining Trends Magazine) Magazine has been a bilingual, bicultural publication for the Hispanic market. When the publication first debuted in 2001, it was known as Dominican Times Magazine, and catered mainly to the Dominican community on the East Coast. In 2005, the magazine underwent an evolution into DTM Magazine in an effort to reach all Latinos in New York City, regardless of origin. Now, in 2010, beginning with a July/August double issue, DTM will be known as LatinTrends and will be made available to Latinos nationwide. The new brand will be available next June 25th 2010.

About the new goal of the publication, Juan Guillen, the magazine’s founder and publisher, said: "The rebrand is intended to strengthen our strategy to be more inclusive of all Latino subgroups and to provide NY area Latinos more of what is of interest to them: pop culture with a latino twist."

Guilled added: “The bilingual, bicultural market has been growing in leaps and bounds. When 93% of Latinos aged 18 and under are U.S.-born, it is a fair indicator to the direction of the future… Latin Trends speaks to a mindset that is held by those Latinos who are forward-thinking and representative of the changing social, political, and economic climate. And, as consumers, they have sensibilities that they respond to, based not only on the essence of their upbringing, but on their progressive lines of thought."

Defining Trends Media Group will support the relaunch with multi-platform efforts intended to connect with the bilingual/bicultural Hispanic Market through its website, proprietary events, social media and email campaigns.


Portada Staff

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