Dolan Media Launches Asuntos Legales, a Spanish Client Newsletter for Lawyers

Asuntos Legales newsletter offers lawyers a reliable means of marketing their services to the rapidly growing Spanish- speaking population in the U.S. It was launched by Boston based Lawyers Weekly, a division of Dolan Media Company. "We're meeting the business needs of lawyers with this long-awaited newsletter for their Spanish-speaking clients," says Paul Boynton, publisher of Asuntos Legales. Lawyers Weekly Client Newsletters cost $259/quarter for the first 100 copies, which includes a personalized online version that can be added to the readers' website or e-mailed to clients. For additional packets of 100, the cost is $199/quarter. "The steady increase of Spanish speaking clients prompted us to expand our newsletter offerings to include a Spanish version for personal injury attorneys.", says Boynton. Lawyers Weekly also offers practice-specific Legal Matters newsletters in English in the areas of personal injury (consumer safety), estate planning, family law, employment law, and general practice. "For lawyers, the best source of new business is their current and former clients. Client newsletters encourage this business by keeping the lawyer 'top of mind,' enhancing the lawyer's reputation as an expert, and educating clients on important issues that may affect them," says Boynton.