Direct To Has Spanish-Language Ads…

Direct To, a new diabetic patient prescription pad program targeting 22,500 diabetes educators, diabetologists and endocrinologists (see “Will Pharma advertisers respond to new niche magazines?” page 4, Portada® No. 8, March/April 2004) launched its first issue in the second quarter of 2004. Eight prescription pads, each containing 16 patient tear-outs with guidelines on issues of concern to diabetics (eight in Spanish – “Dirija Al” and eight in English – “Direct To”) are given to diabetes professionals who in turn hand them out to their patients. The Berkeley Heart Lab, Inc. was the only advertiser to advertise in both English and Spanish (The Spanish ad said “Reciba un programa gratis personalizado de dieta y ejercicios”). Other advertisers also wanted to place ads in Spanish, but were still waiting for FDA approval on their Spanish ads.

Advertisers in Direct To's first issue included Accu-Check (Roche), Animas IR 1200 Insulin Pump (Animas Corp.), Novolog Mix 70/30 (Novo Nordisk), MOTOmed Movement Therapy (Reck), Legend Pharmacies, The Molly Foundation and BD Medical Diabetes Care. Direct To has one more issue coming out this year and plans to increase the number of publications in 2005. The Mahwah, NJ based publisher also intends

to launch primary health editorial products.

…So Does Diabetes Forecast en Español.

The summer 2004 issue of Diabetes Forecast en Español, published by the American Diabetes Association, contained a large number of pharma advertisers, including BD Logic, Hershey's (sugar free chocolate), Penlac, AccuCheck (Roche), FreeStyle (Therasense Inc.) and One Touch. All these brands advertised in Spanish. Diabetes Forecast en Español plans to reach a circulation of 100,000 by the end of the year.