Direct To Gives PhRMA Advertisers a venue.

November 26, 2006

Direct To Gives PhRMA Advertisers a venue.

Direct To, which publishes medical counseling guides, has just signed a deal with Elsevier Publishing Co. to begin selling a polybag product to the pharmaceutical industry, which is then sent to Elsevier subscribers, predominantly doctors and healthcare providers. Elsevier is the foremost publisher of medical journals, with over 1,400 titles in its portfolio.

Under the deal, Direct To sells 1000-copy bundles to pharmaceutical companies wishing to advertise to healthcare professional. The bundles are then distributed to 1000 of these healthcare professionals. The advertiser pays a price of $49.00 per subscriber reached, or about $49,000 per program. The copy of Direct To is bundled with whichever Elsevier publication is best suited to the healthcare professional's area of expertise.

Direct To is expanding into the Hispanic market with a bilingual product called Dirija Al, which is a translation of the medical content offered in Direct To. The mix of English-only to bilingual copies is determined by the advertiser.

“It's really quite exciting, because this is a product that the Hispanic market really needs, and we're happy to satisfy that demand,” said Direct To publisher Nicholas Minicucci. “We're also pleased to have John Nittoli on board as Editor in Chief of Direct To.”

As part of the program, the advertiser gets a cover wrap around the Elsevier publication and a couple of ads within the magazine. Once the campaign is complete, Direct To subsidizes an audit of the magazine to determine readership statistics, response rates, etc.

The company has signed deals with Novo Nordisc and Unilever, and is in talks with Campbell Soup.

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