Diario San Diego, New Name for San Diego Newspaper

Healy Media Inc announced that Diario San Diego will be the new name of Diario Latino.Diario San Diego responds to the voice of our community which actively participated in the selection of the new name among three choices that better represented them. The answer was explicit for Diario San Diego. "It will fully identify the feelings of the increasingly number of Hispanic readers in our region,” explained José Santiago Healy, President of Diario San Diego.

Three names: Diario Contigo, Diario Noticias, and Diario San Diego emerged from focus groups conducted by the company in September and October of 2005.

Latina & Associates and Healy Media Inc., publishers of El Latino (Bilingual, weekly, circ. 65,000) and Diario Latino (Spanish, daily, circ. 20,000), respectively, recently reached an agreement to permanently resolve their legal disputes. As a result of the settlement, Healy agreed to stop using the name Diario Latino before December 31 of 2005.