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Diario las Americas’ new ownership redesigns print and digital edition


What? Diario las Americas, which earlier this year was acquired by a Venezuelan Entrepreneur,  redesigned its print and digital editions.
Why it matters: Some Hispanic newspapers are in need of a redesigns, particularly as it relates to their digital and mobile presence. Diario las Americas’ print and digital redesign, as well as its recent executive hires,  are an attempt to provide South Floridians with a viable digital and print media option.

Nine months after Venezuelan entrepreneur Nelson Mezzerhane acquired Diario las Americas from the Aguirre family, the Floridian newspaper is announcing a fresh redesign of its print and website edition. The redesign has been led by Spanish newspaper design firm  Cases I Associats, which has also worked redesigning newspapers including Clarin, O Globo and The Independent.

Manuel Aguilera
Manuel Aguilera, Executive Editor, Diario las Americas

Manuel Aguilera, Executive Editor of Diario las Americas, tells Portada that the main aim of the redesign effort is to adapt the design so that it meets the demand of the modern reader. “For the print issue that means a cleaner design, more color, shorter texts and a  better presentation of the different sections. At the same time we are facilitating the reading experience by highlighting our web and social media properties,” Aguilera notes. Digitally, we have adapted the page to an easier format for the breaking news page; the organization of the content  has been improved. In addition, we have used different colors so that readers can identify the different sections (News, Sports, Entertainment) with a predefined color.” Camilo Aguiar, Director de Marketing of Diario las Americas adds “The changes in our industry are more impactful to the delivery channels than to the content itself. The biggest challenge consists in encouraging paper subscribers to leverage the richness of our digital platforms, while enticing the younger audience to take pleasure in its paper counterpart.”

The main editorial effort will be put on local content:  “Local coverage is our priority, particularly as it relates to investigative journalism,” Aguilera notes.

The new Diario las has four different content areas: News, DLA Multimedia, Entertainment/Gossip and Sports. The target audience of both the newspaper and the website are Spanish-dominant South Floridians. Digitally, Diario las Americas also intends to reach out to bilingual and English-dominant Hispanics. “We also want to reach out to influential sectors both in the U.S. and in Latin America,” Aguilera notes.

Latin American readership

Asked about whether Diario las Americas has panregional ambitions. Aguilera says that he wants to reach Latin American influencers. “In a second phase, we want to monetize that audience which right now is higher than our local traffic.” Diario las Americas strongest competitor in the South Florida (Miami) Hispanic newspaper market is El Nuevo Herald, published by The Miami Herald (The McClatchy Company).

New Hires

Aquiles Presilla is the new COO at Diario las Americas.In addition, Diario las Americas recently hired Layla Caballero as its new Advertising Director. Caballero previously worked  as Operations Manager Print and Digital at Publicitas.


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