As the Democratic nomination process draws on, and each constituency is laser-targeted by the respective campaigns, one thing is clear: All the fuss has been good for Spanish-language media.
While Senator Hillary Clinton has held onto her lead among Hispanic voters, Senator Barack Obama has made it clear that he is not going to concede the Latino vote. In late March, he formed the Hispanic Leadership Council, headed by Former Clinton staffer Frank Sanchez. For his part, presumptive Republican nomine John McCain has also vowed to fight for the Hispanic vote.
So far, the Democrats have already spent $4 million in Hispanic advertising, a sum that already exceeds what was spent in last election’s presidential primary, according to the Hispanic Voter Project at Johns Hopkins University. Although in certain states, the Latinos do not constitute a large percentage of the overall population, this race is so tight that capturing Hispanic support is crucial to victory.
The McCain camp is already talking about an aggressive Hispanic strategy in Ohio for the general election.

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