A fashion magazine targeting young, urban men has launched to a circulation of about 20,000. The magazine hopes to reach well-educated, politically savvy, fashionable men in the 18-34 demo.

The magazine, UrbanMetro, launched an online test issue in October 2008, and pulled more than 50,000 visitors, writes DM News. The online issue, along with an email campaign, helped build the magazine’s subscriber base. More email campaigns, along with direct mail, are planned for the future, says Damon Ceaser, VP and Publisher of UrbaMetro. Ceaser Meda Group publishes the magazine.

Ceaser says there is a lack of magazines in the urban community in terms of fashion. There’s Ebony, he says, but that focuses more on the black family, whereas UrbanMetro is more multicultural. “You are as likely to see an Asian man on the cover as you would see a black or white or Latino man… We want to be the beacon of multiculturalism in the magazine world because in an urban environment you’re guaranteed to have a number of different cultures.”

Ceaser hopes to reach 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year, reaching at least 5% of the urban male market. Currently, the magazine is a quarterly, but expects to move to a monthly as it grows.

UrbanMetro is not yet available on newsstands.

Source: Mediaplanner.com

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