Dana Arvig: “We hope our expansion efforts will bring Spanish publications to more Gannett markets”

Dana Arvig is Director of Sales and Marketing at Gannett owned the Central Coast Media Group, The Salinas Californian/El Sol (Salinas, CA). We talked to her about her experience in publishing a newspaper in a market whose majority of the population is Hispanic. Arvig also talked about other Gannett Hispanic media. Below is the Q&A we conducted with her.

Portada: We understand that at some point a few years ago El Sol was published twice a week, is that still the case?

Dana Arvig: "No, as of November 2009, we publish weekly every Saturday."

Portada: Can you please describe the recent circulatino increase?

Dana Arvig: "Effective January 2, 2010 we increased distribution from 12,000 copies to 20,000 copies per week."

Portada: What type of content, editores, newsiwres etc.. do you use for El Sol?

Dana Arvig: "We have a local full time El Sol reporter and Editor.  We also translate relevant stories from our daily English paper, The Salinas Californian, as well as use wire stories."

Portada: Does El Sol have a web presence?

Dana Arvig: "Yes, elsoldesalinas.com"

Portada: We published this article in 2005. It said the following: "In California, the Salinas Californian (Monterey County, circ. 20,000) and the Visalia Times-Delta (Tulare County, circ. 21,797) both produce a Spanish-language publication called El Sol. The Salinas version of El Sol has a circulation of 10,351 and recently increased its frequency from once to twice a week. Visalia's El Sol (circ.12,500) also increased its frequency from once to twice a week. Both publications are distributed free of charge through racks at various locations. The Salinas version is also bulk-mailed to subscribers."
What has changed in this regard? Do you still cooperate with the Visalia Times Delta?  

Dana Arvig: "Yes, we are both owned by Gannett. Visalia publishes 12,000 copies weekly, every Friday. For advertisers, combination buys are available."

Portada: What is the percentage of national advertising over El Sol's total revenues?

Dana Arvig: "Approximately 15-20% (this includes ROP and preprinted inserts)"

Portada: Since the majority of your market is Hispanic, have you considered publishing El Sol or a Spanish-language supplement within The Californian?

Dana Arvig: "While the majority of our market is Hispanic, the majority of subscribers to The Salinas Californian are not.  We do offer to include free home delivery of El Sol with our Saturday daily paper upon subscriber request."

Portada: Do you think Gannett headquarters supports Gannetts Hispaniic publications owned by Gannett enough?

Dana Arvig: "Absolutely – at a time when newspapers across America are cutting back, Gannett is investing in El Sol.  There are only a few Gannett properties that currently publish a Spanish publication, and hopefully the results from our expansion efforts will bring Spanish publications to more Gannett markets."

Portada: What other Hispanic publications does Gannett own?

Dana Arvig: "Besides the El Sol papers in Salinas and Visalia, there are several other Gannett Spanish publications including Phoenix AZ, Tucson AZ, Lafayette Indiana, and Vineland New Jersey. See this link for details on all of the Gannett's Spanish publications."