Cristina turns 15

Hispanic talk show queen Cristina Saralegui celebrated the 15th anniversary of “El Show De Cristina” on May 24th with a series of promotions (sweepstakes) and events. Cristina La Revista (Editorial Televisa, monthly, circ. 87,000, Spanish language, CPM US $115) will celebrate its 13th anniversary this November. Elizabeth Arango, brand manager of Cristina La Revista, tells Portada® that there is no combined approach to advertising sales between Cristina La Revista and “El Show de Cristina.” The TV program is produced by Univision, who handles its advertising sales. Editorial Televisa handles ad sales for Cristina La Revista. However, Cristina La Revista is using the TV show to cross-sell subscriptions to the show's audience, as well as promoting the show's 15th anniversary with a sweepstakes. The magazine's main advertisers are P&G, General Motors and L'Oreal. The show has sponsorships from Americatel, AT&T and some automotive companies.