Content: Mochila Interested in Distributing Spanish-language Content

In a move that is sure to shake up the status-quo in buying and selling of content, Mochila – an a la carte media marketplace – has opened its doors for business. Mochila was launched at the Nexpo conference in Chicago last week.

When asked about its plans for offering Spanish-language content, Spokesman Drew Kerr responded, “There are Spanish-language markets in the United States and around the world which we're very interested in. So while Mochila is launching as an English-language service, we see a significant opportunity in other languages and plan to offer those services in the near future.”

The website follows a peer-to-peer model, whereby content providers upload their audio, video, or print pieces to the website and set the price and terms for purchase. Content seekers then are able to review the price and terms of use and may elect to purchase content on a piece-meal basis.

The new service has obvious implications for traditional newswires such as AP, Reuters, Agencia Efe, and others whose fee structure is subscription-based.

When reached for comment on how such a service would affect their business model, the Associated Press responded by saying that news services launch quite frequently, and that it is not their policy to comment on such developments.

Mochila's emergence appears to have arisen organically from what is an increasingly-segmented media landscape, demanding increasingly specific media content.