Content: Intermedia Publishing Licenses Columns about Immigration

Silver Spring, MD based Intermedia publishing is licensing immigration columns to Hispanic newspapers and websites. Licensing agreements start as low as five dollars per week, depending on circulation. Current and pending subscribers include, El Semanario Digital in New Mexico and Lazo Cultural. Columnist Angel Robles-Pena is the author of the columns. He is the author of Guia y Formularios de Immigracion (Intermedia Publishing, 2005), an illustrated Spanish-language guide to U.S. immigration laws and regulations. It includes simple, easy-to-understand explanations of all immigration visas and permits, the naturalization process and U.S. citizenship. Intermedia Publishing publishes Simple Books For Your SuccessTM. These books address both the opportunities and pitfalls unique to the more than 28 million Spanish-speaking Hispanics living in the United States. The books provide basic information on legal, government or business issues.