Content: Inspiring Immigrant Children

Los Kitos Entertainment LLC is a media enterprise that provides entertaining and educational content to hard copy and online newspapers, both in Spanish and English. The creator of Los Kitos is Martha Montoya, a Colombian/American who believes that inspiring immigrant children is the best way to help them achieve their goals of acculturation into U.S. society.

The company has an online edition ( for which they develop content dealing with the sciences, current events and entertainment news. Los Kitos offers this edition to the biggest Spanish-language newspapers in the country, including La Opinion, La Raza, El Diario and the Miami Herald, among others.

When asked to describe the kind of content Los Kitos does, Charles Harrison Moreira said, ¨We do fun, inspirational cartoons that appeal not only to Latinos, but to all audiences.¨ The company distributes through Tribune International.

Plans for the future include providing a half-page to the Sunday comic section of the Los|Angeles Times. Los Kitos also has an animation series in development.