Content for The Latin World: GDA, Grupo de Diarios America (Part 1)

Grupo de Diarios America (GDA) was created in 1991 by eleven newspapers of key Latin American markets from Mexico to Argentina with the exception of a few countries in Central America and Paraguay and Bolivia. La Nación (Argentina), O Globo (Brazil), El Mercurio (Chile), El Tiempo (Colombia), La Nación (Costa Rica), El Comercio (Ecuador), El Universal (Mexico), El Comercio (Peru), El Nuevo Día (Puerto Rico), El País (Uruguay) and El Nacional (Venezuela) are the most populars newspapers in the region. 

These newspapers have evolved to transform themselves in multimedia houses. They have expanded their presence in digital and broadcasting. The youngest brand at GDA is 60 years old, so they are a really strong presence in each country. GDA have also the largest newsroom with a combined editorial count of 2500 journalists.

Lyng Hou Ramirez, Content Director at GDA says “All the newspapers have responded to the challenge of turning their brands into multiplatform media, developing not only over 60 newspapers but also over 45 magazines and a very broad online presence”.

The 11 newspapers have created an offer of vertical and transactional sites with interactive content covering areas such as sports, showbusiness, games, finance information, services, employment, etc.

GDA Digital Networks counts with more than 30 sites like lasultimasnoticas,,,,,, among others. The m sites of GDA are,,,,,, and el mercuro online.


GDA´s newspapers reach an average of 6.6 million readers per day. They print an average of 350 thousand issues per day and the figure doubles on Sundays.

About the digital newspapers, GDA reach 847 million monthly pageviews and 38 million users.

Among the 6.6 million readers, the 48% are women and the 52% men. 

The proportion of readers by age over 55 years reaches the 17%, under 24 years the 25%, 25-39 years 32% and 40-54 years 26%.

Readers of GDA by socioeconomic level includes: Low 20%, Medium 38% and High medium/ High 42%. According to Ramirez “Our readers are predominantly in the ABC group, highly educated readers and in working age from 25 to 55 years old. They are decision makers”.

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