The quarterly Spanish magazine Constru-Guia al Dia(TM) announced today that nearly 2,000 7-Eleven stores across the country will distribute the magazine, increasing readership 251 percent. The new distribution at 7-Eleven, coupled with an existing collaboration with The Home Depot, will put Constru-Guia al Dia directly into the hands of more than 400,000 Hispanic males across the country.

The magazine is a tremendous, targeted medium for marketers to reach the Hispanic audience, since 39 percent of Hispanic males over age 25 are employed in the construction or building maintenance industries, according to Experian Simmons (spring 2009).

Distribution at 7-Eleven stores will begin with the magazine's summer 2010 issue; 244,250 copies will be available at 1,954 7-Eleven locations in the retailer's top nine U.S. Hispanic markets. Add to this the 170,000 copies available at select Home Depot stores and the result is a truly targeted medium to reach Hispanic consumers.

"We are proud that Constru-Guia al Dia is growing at an exponential rate. Our goal is to create communications platforms that benefit our readers, our advertisers and our retail partners at The Home Depot and 7-Eleven," said Kevin Kilpatrick, publisher of Constru-Guia al Dia. "We launched the magazine three years ago when we realized there were advertisers who wanted to reach the Hispanic male audience in the construction industry, yet there wasn't an ideal print medium. More than 39 percent of Hispanic males age 25 and older are employed in the construction or building maintenance industries, and our goal is to provide the information they need, where they need it."

7-Eleven agreed to distribute the magazine upon realizing congruencies between convenience store consumers and the magazine's readership.

"We identified numerous similarities between Hispanic male consumers at The Home Depot and those who shopped our 7-Eleven stores," said Irene Sibaja, senior director of Hispanic marketing for 7-Eleven. "We conducted a coupon redemption test with Constru-Guia al Dia magazine last summer. It was a success – the redemption percentage was even higher than we had hoped, giving us confidence that Hispanic consumers will take advantage of compelling offers. Later this year we will offer Hispanic consumers the convenience of free copies of Constru-Guia al Dia at select 7-Eleven stores via the free publication racks."

As the largest circulated Hispanic male magazine in the U.S., Constru-Guia al Dia is one of only a few publications experiencing growth despite the economy. The magazine's distribution increased from 100,000 in 2007 to more than 400,000 this year, and Kilpatrick foresees additional growth as the Hispanic population continues to expand.

Based on data from the 2000-2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S. Dept. of Labor), Constru-Guia al Dia estimates that over the next 15 years, Hispanics within the construction workforce will grow from the 2010 projection of 35.4 percent to a 2025 projection of 63.2 percent.

In summer 2010, Constru-Guia al Dia will be available at both retailers in the nine top-performing 7-Eleven Hispanic markets: Northern California, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego and Washington, D.C. The Home Depot also offers the magazine in numerous additional Hispanic sales markets across the country.

Constru-Guia al Dia advertisers include national consumer brands such as Coca-Cola, General Motors, U.S. Census Bureau, Mexicana Airlines, ESPN Desportes, Motel 6, American Standard, Behr paint and DeWalt tools.


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