Closing the gap

Newspaper advertising accounts for 29% of all general market advertising, but only 9% in the Hispanic market. This data is misleading according to Douglas Knight, CEO of Impremedia (publisher of La Raza in Chicago, La Opinion in Los Angeles and el diario/La Prensa in New York), who points out that the vast majority of Hispanic newspapers are weeklies while dailies (more than 1,500) dominate the general market. As the number of Spanish-language dailies grows, the proportion of print advertising compared to the overall Hispanic ad market will come closer to that of the general U.S. advertising market. “Larger budgets in print will become justifiable,” Knight noted at the NAHP 2005 Convention & Expo, which took place in mid-March in Philadelphia. At the same conference, Kirk Whisler, president of the Carlsbad, CA based Latino Print Network, pointed out that 41% of all print advertising goes to audited publications, even though they represent only 10% of all Hispanic pubs. Whisler added that there are currently 235 Spanish-language publications and 97 bilingual publications 42 are dailies and 317 are weeklies. Additionally, there are 475 Hispanic magazines (349 glossy magazines and 126 newsprint) in publication. In Whisler's view, controlled circulation will continue to be the main delivery mechanism for Hispanic newspapers and will grow with the expansion of daily newspapers.