Clinton/Obama’s Hispanic Spending Horserace

While voters are trying to focus on substantive issues, the Hispanic media spending horse-race is alive and well among the two major democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

According to vice president/general manager Chris Roman of Entravision, the two campaigns dramatically stepped up their Hispanic ad-spends ahead of last Saturday’s Democratic primary:

“Until now, both campaigns had purchased only radio through us. The Clinton campaign had booked $13K split among two of our stations from late December through the January 19th caucus. The Obama campaign booked their run in early January, but spent significantly more— about $29.4 million,” noted Roman.

In the week running up to the primary, both candidates augmented their radio programs with Television spots, spending almost exactly the same as one another: Obama with $18.4K and Clinton with $19K. The ads ran through Saturday morning of the state’s caucus.

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