Changing Places

With the objective of fortifying their American business structure, EFE International News Services has named Diana Backlund Director of Sales for North America. Rafael Carranza, formerly Sales Coordinator for the USA market has been named Sub -Director of North American Sales.

The appointment of Diana Backlund coincides with an integrated restructuring of EFE's business structure in the Americas with the objective of consolidating and strengthening the current customer portfolio, as well as capturing markets and opportunities in new business areas.

Backlund brings to EFE her experience of 14 years as a leader in the distribution and acquisition of content. In her position as Director of Sales and Marketing with PressLink/NewsCom, Diana Backlund was instrumental in converting that company into one of the leading sources of aggregated content to the world's media.

Backlund's incorporation into the company completes an important phase in the organizational restructuring of EFE in the United States, with Maria Luisa Azpiazu as Bureau Chief and Vice President of EFE News Inc, headquartered in Washington.