The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is exploring different custom publishing options to reach Hispanics. Sources at San Antonio, TX, based Media Rare, CDC's national advertising agency, tell Portada®. The CDC is trying to reach Hispanic parents with children of a certain age. Crucial to the CDC's choice is the way the publication will be distributed (customized geography, zoning abilities -e.g. certain cities in Texas and Arizona-, database management skills, etc…).

An increasing number of brands are looking into custom publishing as a way to deliver their message to a sub-segment of the Hispanic market. San Antonio, TX, based Media Rare is also evaluating to use custom publishing to leverage the brand of an auto-insurance client to Hispanics of a particular level of acculturation. The ideal vehicle would be a product that is geared to Hispanics that have been in the country for a couple of years.


Portada Staff

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