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Casa y Hogar to be Distributed in Atlanta by Mundo Hispánico

Home shelter magazine nears 1,000,000 distribution.


Casa y Hogar's Publisher and CEO Filiberto Fernandez and MundoHispánico's publisher, Lino Dominguez, announced that Mundo Hispánico will begin carrying the home shelter magazine starting July 27th.

Mundo Hispánico joins the following roster of papers that carry Casa y Hogar: El Nuevo Herald (Miami), La Opinión (Los Angeles), La Raza (Chicago), El Diario La Prensa (New York), Rumbo (Houston, McAllen, TX), La Estrella (Fort Worth), Al Diá (Dallas), Conexión (San Antonio), El Nuevo Mundo (San Francisco, Calf.), El Sentinel (Orlando) and Prensa Hispana (Phoenix).

Mundo Hispánico, which is owned by the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Cox Newspapers), will add 75,000 new recipients to Mundo Hispánico's distribution in the Atlanta Metro and North Georgia footprint.

Casa y Hogar
's current advertisers include Countrywide Home Mortgages, General Motors, Wal-Mart, Allstate Insurance, Direct TV, Unilever, Armstrong and Moen.

This latest move brings Casa y Hogar's total circulation to about 993,000 readers nationwide, about two-thirds of which receive it home-delivered.

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