Casa y Hogar & Countrywide Financial Sign Distribution/Custom Pub Deal

The nation's largest Spanish-language home-related magazine, Casa y Hogar (Circ. 867,000), has teamed up with the nation's largest home loan lender, Countrywide Financial Corp. in a special distribution deal whereby CFC will offer Casa y Hogar free of charge at its offices in Hispanic markets nationwide.

Arrangements have also been made for Casa y Hogar to produce a custom publication for CFC which will be released in late April / May of this year.

The articles, which will be provided by Casa y Hogar, will cover how to buy a first home, how to take advantage of the value of your home, and a practical guide to home mortgages.

For this issue, the sole advertiser will be Countrywide Financial, although Casa y Hogar Publisher Filiberto Fernandez says that future issues with other advertisers are possible.

The custom publication will feature both the Casa y Hogar and the Countrywide Financial logos on the cover. Commenting on Casa y Hogar's foray into custom publishing, Fernandez commented, “The idea is to help U.S. companies reach Hispanic consumers in the most relevant way possible through custom publishing. And that is what we are doing.”