Camelot Communications Expands its Hispanic Operations

November 20, 2006
Camelot Communications Expands its Hispanic Operations

Dallas, TX, based Camelot Communications, the largest independent media and strategy advertising agency in U.S., is expanding its Hispanic team. Rodrigo Vallejo will start today as Camelot's new Hispanic Media Account Director (see today's Changing Places). Vallejo will work on the company's Hispanic brands including Tortillas Guerrero (Mission Foods), Compass Bank, 7 Eleven and Blockbuster (this last account has a very limited Hispanic advertising activity). Jim Lucero, Managing Director and Head of Multicultural at Camelot Communications tells Portada that in the spring of 2005 he merged the Lucero Agencywith Camelot Communications (owned by Tom Calahar). At the time Camelot was already doing $70 million in Hispanic billings a year.

“We are a media and strategy based agency that has a lot of resources but more freedom.. There are things that an independent agency can do that are liberating,” says Lucero.

Hispanic Accounts

Camelot has three accounts with large Hispanic budgets, Lucero notes. Compass Bank, a regional bank with a strong presence in the Southeast, Texas and Phoenix, The main media bought by Compass Bank in 2006 includes out of home (billboard), newspaper and radio. Tortillas Guerrero (Mission Foods's Hispanic brand, its English brand is called “Mission Tortillas”) has a multimillion dollar annual budget for the Hispanic market.

Up till now it has mostly invested in TV, although online media will be added in 2007. “We recognize the value of the online component”, Lucero notes. Tortillas Guerrero mostly targets Mexican Americans. 7 Eleven, Camelot Communications third Hispanic account does mostly radio advertising.

On December 1st Camelot Communications will announce a new Hispanic account the agency recently won. Camelot's biggest Hispanic acccount is Southwest Airlines.