Café, the Latino Lifestyle Magazine, published out of Chicago just published its last edition. “For now, you hold in your hands the last edition of Café magazine. The usual suspect is responsible for this abrupt end: the challenges of raising the additional capital to keep this operation up and running in the middle of a recession,” the magazine’s Editor in Chief Alejandro Riera writes in Café’s December issue. “Café will still maintain a presence through our digital platforms,” Riera also wrote.

We new something was going on, even though Café Media’s founder Julian Posada, told us two months ago that “Chicago distribution and paper quality will stay”, he added that “digital expansion will be stopped for now.” In mid-September Posada was named president of MLS club Chicago Fire. 

Café has a circulation of 45,000 in Chicago. The magazine was launched in October 2008 and targets the growing second and third generation Hispanic population in the U.S. It planned to expand nationally.

Mira! also closes

Café is one more casualty of the challenges to publish magazines as many advertisers are decreasing their print advertising migrating it, mostly, to interactive advertising. In addition, the printing costs weigh high particularly on high-end magazines. Only last week Mira Magazine, published by American Media, announced it was closing its print edition. Interestingly, Mira Magazine’s revenues had a substantial newsstand sales component (approximately 50% of sales). American Media has been trying to sell Mira! for the last few years. Calls by Portada to American Media were not returned.


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