Disney en Familia the custom publication published twice a year by Disney is closing.

The publication was launched by Disney in the summer of 2008 and has a circulation of 350,000. The winter issue, to be published in a few weeks, will be its last.

Consumer research done by Disney showed that consumers want transactional information (e.g. offers about products they care about like new DVDs, information on authors, parks etc…) Disney concluded that a lifestyle themed custom publication is not an effective vehicle for giving its customers what they want. Instead, Disney will increase its marketing including digital advertising and direct mail efforts.  “Despite the closure of Disney en Familia we are more excited than ever about the Hispanic market and are committed to creating great entertainment and experiences for the Hispanic consumer” Jonathan Friedland, Senior Vice President – Communications at the Walt Disney Company, tells Portada.

Disney en Familia readers will be invited to register to receive offers and promotions on Disneyenfamilia.com. In addition, Disney plans to expand content offerings on Disneylatino.com, a site that currently is mostly directed to Latin American consumers.

Other Disney owned media active in the Hispanic market include cable channel ESPN and ESPN la Revista which is published in conjunction with Mexican publisher GW Publishing.


Portada Staff

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