Breaking News: Diario de Mexico launches Chicago daily edition

Diario de Mexico USA is launching a Chicago edition in August. Contrary to most Hispanic newspapers, Diario de Mexico USA is a paid and daily publication. It is published from Monday to Friday’s and available over the newsstand

‘We`ll start with a circulation of 2,000 aiming to 6,000 within the first year”, Teresa Cabrero, Managing Director of Diario de Mexico USA tells Portada. “We want to have a test drive first and then aim to a bigger circulation with a proven product. We'll start in La Villita and Cicero City as a test market to have the first learning curve, eventually expanding up to the border of Indiana and always following the growth of the Mexican community.” The newspaper is going to be sold at newsstand, vending machines and through a network of newspaper sales people (“voceadores”) in the above cited Chicago neighborhoods.

The launch of the Chicago edition will also provide national advertisers a larger footprint together with the New York edition. The bulk of the advertising, however is projected to be local advertising, similarly to the New York edition. In New York the newspaper has a circulation of 17,000 (ABC audited) from Monday to Friday. “After 8 years in the USA, we are established as the largest Mexican daily in the Northeast. This experience makes us confident enough to look into new markets, and Chicago represents a big enough Mexican community to be our next challenge with market conditions favorable for a newcomer. From there, we'll keep expanding to new markets following the Mexican community growth across the USA.”

Chicago content…
The content of the Chicago edition will be targeting Spanish dominant Hispanics, with a true insight on the Mexican community. Beyond the language, the paper takes into account the segmentation of the Mexican reader, the level of involvement with US culture. With this in mind, it will have local and general news. According to Cabrero, the competitive advantage is that it provides content from Mexico such as national news, sports and entertainment.

….different from New York edition.

Diario de Mexico USA Chicago will have different content than the New York edition. That means that although there will be a shared core, both editions will be targeting their own communities bringing local news from Mexico of specific interest.
“One main factor is the origin of the Mexican population, because we provide content coming from their hometowns in Mexico and therefore we must cater to that specific community. This means to have an important part of content originating in very different parts of Mexico, to the extent of having hyper-local news from Mexico that appeal to migrants because they are still very attached to their families back in Mexico.”


Leveraging content/operations from Mexico

Diario de Mexico USA is published by Mexico’s Grupo Bracamontes, which owns newspapers such as Diario de Mexico and Diario de Morelos together with radio stations in Mexico. Diario de Mexico USA leverages content from its sister newspapers in Mexico. “We feed local information to our office in Mexico City, they put it together with the rest of the content and design the whole paper and then they send it back to us in PDF format so we can print here in the USA. This way, we benefit not only from lower costs but also, and very importantly, from the unique Mexican perspective that our reader seeks here in the US,” Cabrero concludes.

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