BREAKING: Free daily Quiubo! launches in NYC

Starting Monday July 28 commuters going into Manhattan from Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and New Jersey will have a new daily free newspaper to choose from: Quiubo! (Spanish colloquial for “What’s up?”), a free newspaper targeting the Hispanic population. The new Spanish-language publication will have an average page count of 20 pages and an initial circulation of 12,000 Monday to Friday.

Quiubo! New Hispanic daily in NYC“We’ll distribute in high-traffic commuter zones and public transportation, and every single copy will be handed out by our Ambassadors. We won’t put boxes in the early stage, it will be more expensive but we want to have a more effective distribution and to keep better track of the flow of our readers.” Teresa Cabrero, general manager of Quiubo!, tells Portada.
Oury Tamboura, Print Supervisor at Horizon Media says that free daily newspapers such as Quiubo! can be a good media option when they can show features like ” broad reach, strong added value – street hawkers, cover wraps and digital added value.” Tamboura’s clients run in free dailies in New York and Los Angeles such as AM NY, Metro and El Especialito.

We’ll distribute in high-traffic commuter zones and public transportation, and every single copy will be handed out by our Ambassadors.

According to Cabrero, Quiubo! targets Hispanic commuters. “We want to quickly expand to other hubs where we can reach them. Next phase will be focusing in points to reach Hispanics that commute outside of NYC so we can establish Quiubo as the daily go-to paper for all Spanish speakers in New York. The ultimate goal is to have a successful model to replicate in any city in the U.S!”

Commuter Paper

Quiubo! is a commuter paper,  a fast read to entertain and lighten up the lives of busy Hispanic New Yorkers. It is not intended to replace their main source of information but to be an interesting and fun medium found in the right place. Cabrero adds that she wants “reader’s to forget the stressful NYC way in order to have a more enjoyable ride to work or back home. Our content will be soft news, in a short, graphic and witty form.” Quiubo! articles have QR codes that allow readers to expand the content digitally in their smartphones with graphs, texts and videos (music). Advertisers will have microsites also accesible via a QR codes as one-touch phone dialing optiones.

Distribution points for Quiubo! will be Queens in Roosevelt Ave, from 74th st to 104th St, Brooklyn: Myrtle Ave/Broadway/Wyckoff, Flushing Ave / Broadway, Manhattan: Upper Manhattan, targeting Washington Heights and El Barrio mainly. Long Island City based printer Stellar Printing is printing Quiubo!

Cabrero’s company also publishes Diario de Mexico USA, a Spanish-language daily targeting Mexicans living in the New York area (a Chicago edition of Diario de Mexico USA folded last year).Both Quiubo! and Diario de Mexico USA are  owned by the Mexican media company Diario de Mexico, which is led by Mexico City based publisher Federico Bracamontes.

Cost Advantage

Low costs are a crucial factor to be succesful in the competitive NYC newspaper market. Most functions at Quiubo!  are run out of Dario de Mexico offices in Mexico City. “We mainly have advertising, printing and distributing activities in New York,” Cabrero notes. ” Our office in Madison Avenue is mostly for our sales representatives, with administrative back-up for client relations. We do have some reporters of course, but everything is feed to Mexico where the main newsroom and Editor are to design and create the daily paper. Even as technology allows, we have started to migrate some administrative tasks to Mexico, taking more advantage of our capabilities down there in order to be more cost effective.”