Agencia Fronteriza (AFN), a Mexican border newswire agency has expanded its services to attract more Spanish-language media outlets in the United States.

Through a new alliance formed with a group of respected journalists from Ciudad Juarez, Agencia Fronteriza provides it's subscribers with breaking news related to Texan-Mexicanborder cities. The alliance also extends to the interior of Mexico with journalists from the states of Oaxaca, Tlaxcala and Puebla.

Cortes announced today that AFN will expand its coverage of the U.S.-Mexico border in the coming months with news originating from each of the bordering states with the U.S.

Agencia Fronteriza, produces approximately 15 news ítems a day about issues happening in Southern California, as well as feature articles and photographs. The content is provided in Spanish, however, in the future it will also provide content in English, Dora Elena Cortés Juárez, general director of Agencia Fronteriza, told Portada®. The three-year-old service has the San Diego Union Tribune and its Spanish-language weekly Enlace (bilingual, circ. 85,000, weekly) as one of its clients. Diario Latino (Healy Media, daily, circ.20,000) also gets content from Agencia Fronteriza. The newswire also provides content to several radio stations. Newswire agency EFE redistributes photographs shot by Agencia Fronteriza.

“There is an increasing interest amongst Hispanic residents and immigrants for news coverage of the border cities, and AFN is committed to providing news not only related to border cities, but also about news events that take place in other parts of Mexico or the U.S that in someway or another affect the cities on both sides of the border,” said Dora Elena Cortes.


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