Bidding War! Top Agencies Compete for Mammoth 2010 Census Contract

The 2010 Census will be a welcome arrival to those in the Hispanic Marketing sphere, as it will free their sales pitches of dusty allusions to the 2000 census and tenuous mid-decade estimates. It will also underscore the necessity for heavy Hispanic investment with solid demographic data.

The U.S. Census Bureau is taking special care to make sure that the Hispanic and multicultural community is fully accounted for, and is investing heavily in the effort.

The Census Bureau’s marketing budget for the upcoming count is reportedly in the $400 million dollar range, according to sources involved in the process. It has whittled down the bidders for this lucrative contract to about six prominent agencies, including industry giants like Ogilvy and Y&R. Notably, the Bureau has mandated that 40% of the budget be allocated to multicultural marketing efforts.  

“Historically, Hispanics have been hesitant to answer census polls fully, whether that is because of a lack of understanding about the Census’ purpose or for fear of being persecuted or deported,” a source involved in the bidding process told Portada, who wished to remain anonymous amid open bidding. “This time around, a real effort is being made to explain the importance of the Census to the multicultural community to foster greater participation.”

The contract will be awarded in this September.