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Auto-insurance, on the back of the big OEM’s

Auto-insurance, on the back of the big OEM's


National advertising campaigns by automotive brands (OEM, plus accessories providers) in Hispanic newspapers amounted to $9.77 million in 2005, according to Portada® Ad-tracking. The automotive industry is increasingly putting its sights on Hispanics, and it makes sense for auto insurers to do the same. The figures these companies are investing in Hispanic newspapers are very low, but growing. The auto insurance industry invested just $547,000 advertising in Hispanic newspapers in 2005. That amounts to only 0.73% of total national advertising expenditures in Hispanic newspapers in 2006.

It is important to note that these are national campaigns and that this figure does not capture advertising by local dealerships.                          

Hispanic car owners in Chicago (see table with ranking by DMA) were the most targeted by auto insurance companies in 2006. Hoy-Chicago was the main beneficiary of this trend (see table with ranking by Newspaper).

Allstate was the main insurance company promoting its auto insurance product to Hispanic newspaper readers, followed by State Farm and American Family Insurance (see box with ranking by Insurance Company).

What these auto insurance companies spent in Hispanic newspapers (the total figure for insurance advertising in Hispanic newspapers, including autoinsurance, was $864,000) is a tiny drop in the ocean of their overall advertising. Total advertising volume by insurance companies amounted to $2.894 billion, of which $288 million were used for newspaper advertising, according to data tracked by TNS Media Intelligence.

Allstate spent $394 million in advertising in 2005, while State Farm spent $449.2 million. Nationwide and American Family Insurance have a more regional, as opposed to a national, footprint. They were not among the 100 National Advertisers in 2005, according to the list published by Advertising Age.

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