Atlanta Latino Launches Más

On October 1 Atlanta will welcome its first Spanish-language Sunday newspaper, Más.

The entertainment publication will be published on a bi-weekly basis, and distributed through area racks and counters. Its circulation will be 20,000.

A Mexican based company called Media Maquiladora will contribute content to the publication.

The paper hopes to capture a 21-45 year-old male and female audience with features on area nightlife, as well as entertainment and lifestyle pieces. The paper will be CVC audited.

“The publication was brought about as a result of both consumer and advertiser demand. We hope that Más will bring Atlanta's Latino population the coverage they want, while providing advertisers a venue to reach that population through a weekend product.”, says Farid Sadri, publisher of Atlanta Latino and Más. The newspaper will profit from a new trend in Hispanic newspaper publishing. It seems to be that advertisers increasingly like weekend newspapers. Particularly retail advertisers like to drive traffic to their stores via FSI's and coupons. (See article: Do Advertisers Prefer Weekend Newspapers?).