At the 2007 Horowitz Associates Multicultural Media Forum

Horowitz Associates hosted its 7th Annual Forum on Multicultural Media at the Hilton in NYC, last Tuesday, bringing media professionals together to discuss the latest trends and future strategies for reaching the increasingly segmented U.S. multicultural audience.

The event's keynote speaker was Christina Norman, president of MTV Networks, who said that the key to MTV's burgeoning web traffic is its constant communication with users about their content demands. As Ms. Norman put it, “There's no such thing as having too much feedback from your audience.”

Horowitz Associates' vice president of marketing and business development Adriana Waterston gave a presentation on Horowitz's classification of broadband users according to their I.C.E. profile. The profile is a system of categorizing top Internet activities by the different ways in which users use broadband. The criteria are as follows:

Information-Gathering Activities: news/current events, online banking, sports scores. Communication Activities: e-mail, IM, social network sites, blogs.

Entertainment : online games, online radio, music videos, movie trailers, etc.

Hispanic users were found to be very sophisticated users, frequently utilizing features such as SMS messaging, social networking and blogging.

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