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At least 10 Miami Journalists Implicated in Anti-Castro Payoff Scandal

U.S. paid journalists to take anti-Castro stance.


In a story broken by the Miami Herald, at least ten journalists were found to have taken payments from the US government to take anti-Castro editorial stances, sending shockwaves through the South Florida mediascape.

The journalists, including three from El Nuevo Herald, were found to have received regular payments totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

The findings naturally raise concerns over journalistic integrity and ethics. Many both within the media and the Hispanic community at large have expressed extreme disappointment with the journalists and publications involved, regardless of their personal feelings toward the ailing dictator's regime.

In a review of dozens of articles written by the implicated journalists, the Miami Herald found that the acceptance of federal money was never disclosed by the reporters who took the payments.

Implicated journalists Wilfredo Cancio Isla and Pablo Alfonso were dismissed by the Nuevo Herald following the recent revelations.

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