1)      The Client: Mexicana Airlines

2)      The Objective: Mexicana Airlines, a client of  Miami based Hispanic digital media advertising agency, targeted the general market with a high value given to U.S. Hispanics, which is the most important segment for Mexicana Airlines.

3)      The Approach:
Media 8  discarded “interruption marketing” as an approach. In this case, this meant not using many “complementary” keywords. It defined a 4-axis matrix for segmenting users, and built a structure for serving different ads to each of Mexicana Airlines over 3,000 segments (i.e., one segment was built around people from Miami searching in Spanish for tickets to Hermosillo, with price as their main decision variable).

4)      Ad-Copy Iterations: Media 8 then wrote different alternatives of relevant ad copy to be served for each of these segments (around 12000 text ads!).

5)      Selected Ad Copy: After a trial period, only those ads with the best performance were kept.

6)      Landing Page creation: Media 8/Mexicana Airlines also used separate landing pages for the different segments, getting excellent consistency through its whole search experience (relevant keywords – relevant copy – relevant landing pages).

The results: Besides the important positive effect this had on users, the quality score on the search engines was high. This redounded on lower CPCs, which meant Mexicana Airlines could get more clicks and conversions under the same budget. This search campaign is currently getting Mexicana Airlines an ROI of nearly 3000%.


Portada Staff

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