The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies is holding its semi-annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Of its two annual conferences, this one emphasizes media and advertising as opposed to creative. On Thursday, sessions revolved around advertising account management and responsible handling of the client/account manager relationship on a number of levels: planning, media, creative etc. Another session was about how Hispanic print vehicles are increasingly becoming the ultimate “on demand” medium.

In Atlanta, the 23rd National Convention & Business Exposition of the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) is taking place. Thursday’s sessions concentrated on the role of content and editorial in expanding readership. Alicia Morga, Founder & CEO of Online Advertising Network Consorte Media, was the keynote speaker. Morga highlighted the high growth rate of the Hispanic online advertising market. She emphasized that the highest growth rate is currently occurring at the Spanish-dominant subsector of the market. Morga encouraged publishers present at the NAHP conference to bring content online in appealing ways. She noted that there still is a lot of demand for Spanish-language content.

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