AHAA: 20th Semi Annual Conference: AHAA Undertakes Readership Study in Cooperation with NAHP and MPA

  • New Readership Study: The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, the National Association of Hispanic Publications and Magazine Publishers of America are sponsoring a study about reader behaviour of Hispanics. 5,000 Hispanic readers will be interviewed nationwide. Requests for proposals have been sent to different research companies. “We want to overcome once and for all the myth that Hispanics don't read,” AHAA's new chairman Carl Kravetz told Portada® last weekend in Los Angeles during AHAA's 20th Semi Annual Conference.
  • Advertisers Speak Out: During a panel session called Client Forum- Getting it Right,” Rosalinda Markels, Franchise Director at McNeil , a consumer & specialty pharmaceutical company owned by Johnson & Johnson), noted that “the Hispanic market is the biggest growth opportunity” for her company. She added that McNeil annually spends between 7% and 9% of its advertising budget in Hispanic advertising. She added that central to Johnson & Johnson's strategy is targeting Spanish-dominant consumers. Conill Advertising is McNeill's Hispanic advertising agency of record.

    Rick Marroquin, Director of Marketing – US Hispanic, McDonald's Corporation, noted that one of the main opportunities for the Hispanic advertising industry is the “diversification of media vehicles.” He noted that McDonald's is reducing its TV budgets and increasing its Internet and print media allocations. Martha Kruse, Multicultural Manager at The Home Depot, said that “event marketing is an important part of our strategy.”

  • New Leadership: The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) announced the transition of leadership to new Chairman Carl Kravetz, Chairman/Chief Strategic Officer of Cruz/Kravetz:IDEAS and the election of Chair-Elect Jackie Bird, President/CEO of Winglatino. "The first step we must take is to move beyond defining our market in terms of English or Spanish," says Kravetz, chairman of AHAA in his transition speech. "I publicly challenge our media partners to put an end to the English versus Spanish debate. It is inaccurate and divisive. Language is important for our industry, but our consumers are as amazing, complex and dynamic as any other consumer group. The tactical language-driven argument has not allowed us to position Hispanic agencies as the possessors of skills as sophisticated and multifaceted as our target consumers. If we agree that language is the leading, most compelling reason to have a Hispanic marketing effort, then we define our profession as tactical and not strategic, minimizing the value that we bring to corporate America."

    The AHAA Board of Directors created and approved a new board seat, Vice Chair, to ensure continuity in the association leadership and Jose Lopez-Varela, Vice President/Managing Director of Abece, a Miami-based ad agency, was elected to the position. Laura Marella was elected AHAA Treasurer. Marella is Senior Vice President/Chief Growth Officer of Casanova Pendrill Publicidad Inc., Gisela Girard, President and COO of Creative Civilization, was elected as AHAA secretary. The association was served by Alex Lopez Negrete, President and CEO of Lopez Negrete Communications for the past 12 months during which he led the completion of the framework for a strategic plan that will guide the association into the future, help ensure AHAA's role in professional development within the industry and make certain that AHAA agencies continue to gain their proper seats at the corporate marketing and strategic tables, according to Lopez Negrete.