Advertising Campaigns: State Farm, Home Depot and more…

          Camilo Velez, a media planner from OMD Latino, whose Hispanic accounts include State Farm, Bank of America, Loews, Johnson & Johnson and AARP, and Ed Gould, Advertising Director of State Farm, noted that State Farm invests a higher proportion of its Hispanic budget in print than it invests in general market print. Gould explained that State Farms plans and buys advertising at three levels: First, national corporate (through OMD Latino); second, at the zone level, where zoned marketing managers decide how to invest in 13 different zones and, third, at the agent level. Through the latter, insurance agents buy programs in different DMAs.

          Representatives of the Home Depot multicultural media buying department said that that they have increased their Hispanic print advertising allocation in 2007 and invested in a very specific set of magazines. However, for 2008, they expect to expand their Hispanic magazine advertising program. In addition to print FSI and ROP buys they are looking for publishers who offer online value added opportunities and online testing opportunities.

          Vincent Andaloro, president of Latin Pak, noted that he has seen a significant increase in Hispanic FSI Activity during the last six years. He also stressed the importance for advertisers of zoned publications. He added that for Direct Mail and FSI products he has seen an increase in interest coming from the financial and insurance sector.

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