Advertising Campaigns: Spier New York Reaches Hispanic Readers through Print and Online

Spier New York, an advertising agency specializing in the publishing industry, tells Portada it buys media in local Hispanic publications and national magazines to advertise its brands (Rodale, Doubleday, Putnam, Random House) to Hispanic readers, says Peter Pernia, media buyer at Spier New York. Overall, the Hispanic market is still a small portion of advertising budgets of book publishers. Pernia notes that Spier New York does campaigns for just a few Spanish-language titles.

Print media is the main avenue for book advertising, although online is rapidly increasing its share. “Approximately 50% of our media buying is spent in print and the remaining 50% is online advertising,” says Pernia. Only very large campaigns get TV and radio exposure.

Interestingly 70% of all book-related print advertising goes into the New York Times. “The advantage of the New York Times is that it has a national reach, a good book review, and they have book reviews every day,” says Pernia.