Advertising Campaigns: Mazola Corn Oil

Market Vision, ACH Food Companies' (marketer of Mazola), agency of record recently created the "Switch & Get Rich" instant-win online game in Spanish and English to communicate the message to both Hispanic and general market consumers that corn oil is as heart healthy as olive oil, and to encourage them to switch from vegetable oil to Mazola corn oil.

San Antonio based Market Vision designed specially marked English-language packaging and FSIs (free standing inserts) distributed nationally in newspapers. Additionally Market Vision bought TV ads to support the online promotion in the Hispanic market with a "Switch & Get Rich"- tagged 30-second Spanish-language network TV spot on Univision and Telemundo and a 15-second product-integration promo on Univision's popular "Sábado Gigante" program. "We've had nearly 60,000 unique entries to the Web site as of December 16," Cathy Jo Espinola, Mazola Group Marketing Manager, told the San Antonio Business Journal.

The $1 million offer has created awareness and separation for the Mazola brand, sending consumers the message: Switch to Mazola Corn Oil and get a chance to receive the cash you need to live it up while living healthier. The 26-week online contest runs through Jan. 28, 2006.

Mazola's first Hispanic advertising campaign dates back to 1974 when "Little Girl" was developed. The ad featured a mother showing her daughter how to cook with Mazola Corn Oil.