Advertising Campaigns: Macy’s West

November 26, 2006

Advertising Campaigns: Macy's West

Big-box retailer Macy's West is developing its Hispanic marketing strategy for a part of the country whose Hispanic population is booming.

The company is running print, radio, TV, and multicultural event marketing in a bid to attract more Hispanics to their locations at the foot of the Holiday shopping season, which traditionally takes off after thanksgiving.

Macy's has been particularly active in multi-cultural events, some of which were aimed at driving traffic to specific store locations. Internet advertising is still “very preliminary” at this point, according to Jacqueline Alvarenga, a Macy's West multicultural marketing spokesperson.

The online advertising department is a separate entity from the other advertising departments.

Macy's is traditionally one of the biggest advertisers in Hispanic print, although there have been some reports that it is curbing some of this large-scale investment and directing it toward other marketing channels. The company's Hispanic media agency of record is Tapestry.

According to Portada Ad-tracking, in 2005, Macy's spent almost $3 million in Hispanic newspaper ROP, practically tripling their 2004 investment which measured just over $1 million.