Hispanic market promotional agency TvPromo International has launched a multiplatform campaign for toilet paper product Charmin Ultra designed to appeal to L.A. Hispanics.

The campaign will consist of:

Charmin Ultra Dispenser Billboard: A giant walking board/dispenser with demonstrators on the side. “CharminUltra Dispenser walking reps” teams will visit Hispanic events, high density Hispanic malls, and most visited Hispanic parks.

Charmin Ultra Dispenser Mobile:
A branded golf cart with Charmin Ultra dispensers will capture consumer's attention, with demonstrators on the side distributing print piece with coupons and branded premiums.

Interactive Restroom Advertisement: Poster-ads inside restroom stalls will invite consumers to try Charmin Ultra. A separate dispenser will be placed in the restroom stalls for consumer trial. A staffer that will be present at all executions will distribute premiums and print piece with coupons.

TvPromo International has estimated to reach about 2.0 Million consumers with this unique promotion.


Portada Staff

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