Advertising Agency Execs, Media Buyers and Publishers meet in Miami

The 2004 Miami Ad Summit starts today, followed by a full day of sessions tomorrow, Wednesday October 13. Advertising executives, media buyers, and corporate marketers from Fortune 1000 companies will meet with publishers to discuss opportunities in the Hispanic print media market.

The Summit will feature as a preliminary event a National Latino Media Political Forum to which the candidates for Vice President of the United States, Mr. Dick Cheney and Mr. John Edwards have been invited.

The 2004 Miami Ad Summit will address topics relating to the recent boom of Hispanic Print Media throughout the United States, such as new research on Spanish readership, how advertisers can create capital in the Hispanic Print Market, the use of FSI (Free Standing Inserts) and Event Marketing to create additional revenues for Hispanic newspapers. Additionally, the key role of reliable circulation audits for bothHispanic Publications and media buyers will be discussed.

The 2004 Miami Ad Summit will feature over 30 expert panelists who will share their knowledge and trade secrets with those attending, including Edward Schumacher Matos, CEO and founder of Meximerica Media, Inc., which established 3 Spanish dailies in Texas; Charles Patrick Garcia, founder and CEO of The Sterling Financial Group, a Hispanic-owned and operated investment banking firm in South Florida; Gary Meo, Senior Vice President of print and internet sales of Scarborough Research; Robert Armband, President and CEO of Prensamerica, owner of La Raza in Chicago; Manuel Toro, Publisher of La Prensa in Orlando; and Michael Lavery, President of ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation), among many other influential media owners and executives.
“I am grateful to be living in this truly exciting time in which Spanish-language papers in the United States have finally been discovered for what they have been all the long– a reputable media with a loyal base of millions of local readers, institutions with strong ties to the local communities they cover throughout America, news media vehicles always concerned for local and national newsworthy events for Hispanics that the rest of the media overlooks, and –as a result of all these reasons– a formidable, powerful and cost-effective vehicle to reach the Hispanic consumers in America today,” said NAHP, Inc. President Hernán Guaracao. NAHP's member publications reach more than 50 % of Hispanic households in 55 U.S. markets every week, more than Hispanic TV or Hispanic Radio.