Do you plan to expand the magazine’s readership by reaching out to a broader demographic or deepening your ties within the existing demographic?
Given what our total audience is—and that we already distribute in all 50 states—one of our primary goals is to use digital to extend readership. Right now, we’re a monthly publication living in a daily world. So digital is a means to deepen that connection with readers on a daily basis.
What is People en Espanol doing to drive traffic to the Web site and how is it working to enhance users' online experience?
It’s all about being a cultural force, a combination of providing great celebrity/style related content and working with the right partners in the digital space to cross-promote. We’re also looking to optimize our sites, SEO, and media marketing strategy.
In addition, we reference the Web site in our print edition.
What is People en Espanol’s core demo?
Our readers are 65% female, with a median age of 35, and are mostly Spanish-dominant. Our reach is one in five Latin adults. This is 7 million in all, with pass-along.
What content is most in-demand among your readers?
Our appeal is that we provide access to the celebrity and entertainment community. We’re a trusted source for this content. Our editor, Armando, is practically a celebrity simply because he has been on all of the TV shows talking about
How has the flagging economy impacted ad-revenue from certain categories? Which categories have been hardest hit?
Automotive has taken a hit across the board, as I think is well-known, and has been shifting some of its investment into digital. We really haven’t experienced any other significant decreases, yet, however.
I am concerned about retail, though; it’s been amazing category this year, and has been growing strongly for last couple of years, but we’ll have to see how it holds up amidst this slowing economy.
What sort of branding goals do you have for People en Espanol?
We really don’t have any plans to re-brand or anything. One of the challenges of managing a mature brand is that sometimes the power of your brand can be taken for granted by the marketplace. So our goal to reinforce and elevate the People en  Español brand by continuing to deliver relevant and compelling celebrity and style-related content to our readers.
How do you plan to grow People en Espanol’s advertiser base?
Nowadays, it’s about integrated 360 ideas. I think that there are very few brands in Hispanic that can actually achieve that, instead of just talking about it. People en Espanol is one of those brands. We offer advertisers a wide range of options to reach their target across any number of platforms, and it is that ability that will continue to bring in new advertisers.

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