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A Q&A with Juan Reffreger, CEO of Seccion Amarilla USA

Talks about Seccion Amarilla’s expansion strategy in the wake of the acquisition of his company by Telmex.


November 20, 2006

A Q&A with Juan Reffreger, CEO of Seccion Amarilla USA

Q: What is your general strategy for expansion within the U.S., following Seccion Amarilla's (TelMex's)acquisition of Enlace?

A: We want to be a national company either through further acquisitions or by launching new companies. Our sales force will not change significantly, although it may grow.

Q: Will there be any advertising synergy between Seccion Amarilla Mexico and Seccion Amarilla USA?

A: We will engage in some cross-selling between entities, particularly on the border town directories (e.g. El Paso/Ciudad Juarez) We will try to make it easy for customers on both sides of the border.

Also, for companies that are already reaching the Hispanic market, it will be a great service, with a lot of synergies not only from the user side. It could be a doctor in the border town to a dentist , or big-box retailer. With the recent acquisition, we now have access to their database, so we can call any customer we want.

Q: What does the split look like between local and national advertising?

A: National advertising accounts for between 6%-10% of our overall make-up, with lots of room for growth. The ideal split is 20% – 80%.

Q: What's going on with the online side of things, like local search?

A: Well, in Mexico providesonline Yellow Pages services. We plan to pursue the same course of action here in the U.S. as well. Nonetheless, print remains the core of our business, for now anyways.

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