24 Horas Newspaper Increases Circulation

24 Horas the New York City based Hispanic daily newspaper, is increasing its daily circulation almost 8% and has entered into an agreement with the D.O.T (New York City's Department of Transportation) to Install, maintain, refill and expand a float of 100 news racks or distribution boxes in order to target Hispanic communters at bus stops and other transportation hubs.

Tricom Media, publisher of 24 Horas saw the market opportunity after a Market research study performed by PRC indicated a high level of interest among Hispanic Consumers to consume news during their commute.

Executive Editor Armando Tonatiuh says that the newspaper is intended to target Latino commuters in much the same way that AM New York and Metro target general market consumers. He notes that these publications simply were not satisfying Hispanic needs.

24 Horas is already available to consumers throughout the New York and Tri-State areas through mass transit locations, home delivery and now street news racks. The news racks have a sleek and ye-catching aerodynamic design.

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